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Let’s Get Digital – Edition 2

Every season we will talk about the ongoing technology improvements. Sometimes, it will be about our own website and shop, and sometimes about digital marketing, social media or other digital changes that affect your business. Because we just launched our brand new shop, this edition I will highlight the 'photoshopping' feature of our lookbooks that will definitely make shopping in our webshop more fun and easy. I will also explain…

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Behind The Scenes with André

Hello! My name is André, I am the Home Society Sales Representative of the Netherlands. I live in Twente with my lovelywife Angelique whom I've been happily married to for 26 years. The thing we love to do the most is... See more

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It’s me - Joker import , the firm you’ve known and loved. We changed our company name from Joker Import to Home Society. We changed our look on the outside to reflect the progress made on the inside. But we are still your go-to partner for quality home comfort products and we love to be inspired. So why not share your success stories with us? And we’ll share our tips,…

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Behind The Scenes

I’m Gaby and I live with my beautiful family near The Hague, I like to talk and think about interior design, I love my family and like to travel the world. I’m addicted to good coffee, like my city life, friends, good food, music & magazines. But what makes me tick? See more

# behind the scenes # meet our team

What’s Your Secret?

Every season we will introduce you to one of our retailers with exeptional stores. This season, the retailer is Alinda, owner of Luv, a book & gift shop in Spakenburg. Luv is a huge seller of Bridgewater home fragrance products, so we stopped by and asked her: "What's your secret?"

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Let’s Get Digital – Edition 1

Our website has cool new features and contains loads of inspiration. And on top of it all our web shop will make your shopping experience more effective! Want to know more about it?

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