Behind The Scenes with André

Hello !
My name is André, I am the Home Society Sales Representative of the Netherlands. I live in Twente with my lovely wife Angelique whom I’ve been happily married to for 26 years. The thing we love to do the most is definitely going on a vacation. We plan a active vacation, a relaxing vacation and two city trips a year. Our active vacations usually means we’re somewhere up in the fresh mountain air, hiking and enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer. Last year we mountain biked in Austria, that was so much fun! In our spare time we like to go mountain biking as well. We live in Twente, where you will find plenty of opportunities to practice riding a mountainbike.
Being active on vacation clears our head before we’re back in business ;-. But if we go on a relaxing vacation, we will literally lay on the beach for 8 days enjoying the sub and indulging our self in an all inclusive resort. Nothing wrong with that right? I think the balance in life is creating diversity and always keep on learning.

Everyday I’m learning, and one of those thing is the new technology and all the many changes that brings. This is one of the things that makes my job so much fun. For instance, in the early days I used to wright all of the orders on a writing pad to send the order to the headquarters by fax. Nowadays I work with an iPad, and the order can be sent out to our customers the same day if necessary. All of this with one click on a device. Sometimes I can’t believe how fast the new technology is going. It makes administration more efficient so there is more time for the personal touch. Because I think that is the best part of my job. The part of my job I like best in to exchange sales successes from one shop to another. We are dealing with a creative shop owners after all. I think we can all learn from each other and you are never too old to learn!
Like I said, connecting to the customers is one of the greatest things of my job. Being interested in people as I am, you get to know each other better being in contact over the years. I hear a lot of personal stories. A reflection of life, you could say. For example, customers call me to announce new life in their family or great adventures they take but on the other hand another customer tells me that their daughter is sick. That’s again the balance of life. I mostly enjoy great stories like a customer where I’ve been coming for 20 years now. I’ve seen their daughter grow up and now, all grown up and professional, she and her mom are running the store! How great is that. It’s those stories that make me smile every day when I hit the road to get all of the customers supplied with the latest and most beautiful items Home Society has to offer.

I’m so thrilled about all of the new and bestselling items we have every season. When there is a tradeshow or event you will find me totally excited, running from pillar to post to help the customers. We aim to make our customers feel at home when they pay us a visit on our events, tradeshows and showrooms. It is the same warm welcome I experience while I am on the road visiting our customers.
Just like Home Society does for me. The colleagues are like family to me. Although I’m on my own and out of the office most of the time and don’t see them as much, we still operate as a team. From sales to warehouse, every link in the company is equally important. Together we are such a crazy and fun group, everyone is involved in many decisions in the company. For instance, the last time I was at the office, I helped out Dolf with the forecast for the new upcoming collection. Home Society is a place where I had the chance to develop myself as a person.
‘Lief Zjin!” André

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