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Hello !

I’m Gaby and I live with my beautiful family near The Hague, I like to talk and think about interior design, I love my family and like to travel the world. I’m addicted to good coffee, like my city life, friends, good food, music & magazines. But what makes me tick?

I have been a stylist as far back as I can remember. When I was in my teens I spent hours moving furniture around the house, painting rooms, and hanging wallpaper. Thank you Mom & Dad for letting me put black and silver foiled paper in my room! Back in the day I was always flipping through magazines looking at the beautiful shoots, so growing up I knew there must have been people out there somewhere creating these images – which is when I discovered what a stylist was!

So what makes me tick is creating and sourcing beautiful collections for Long Island Living and Home Society with my colleagues and creating eye candy photo’s. We’ve been working really hard to make this magazine a source of inspiration for you. And I thought it would be nice to share with you what goes on behind the scenes of a photo shoot, “give you a glimpse behind the curtain”.

The fun part of it all is creating the new collections twice a year and sourcing beautiful products, but it’s the logistics of it all coming together flawlessly that can be challenging. In-between organizing, chasing up product and making sure nothing gets damaged or broken, it becomes quite overwhelming. But it is so exciting when the samples arrive at the head office, unpacking them always feels a bit like it’s my birthday!

When I’m writing this article it is the start of summer and we have just finished the photo shoot for this magazine. Looking for the right location with crispy daylight is very essential. Last but not least a pleasant collaboration with an experienced photographer is of the utmost importance, as we create inspiring images together.

Although I usually have a certain look in mind for a photo, I start by taking a rather pragmatic approach by determining the needs of the setting. Ultimately, arranging a setting is also an intuitive process for me; I generally seek to create harmonious proportions, showcase unique pieces, and believe in color concepts. It’s really important to be flexible and roll with it. It is a collaboration after all, and the end goal is to create the best imagery possible to promote our products. This particular shoot went pretty much according to my plan, although it’s always a bit odd to shoot the winter collection when it’s 25Celcius degrees outside. Styling a Christmas setting on my flip flops feels like a contradiction but it always gives me so much energy and puts a smile on my face.

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