Edwin & Angela

Name: Edwin Bruin & Angela Polderman
Store Name: Long Island Living Store
Shop type / Industry: Home Decor / Gift / Furniture / Fashion / Food
Location: Alkmaar
Number of inhabitants: 110,000
Trading area: North Holland
Since: 2016

Edwin: “I am married to Monique and have 2 children and now 1 granddaughter. In addition to my work, I have a lot of hobbies such as skating, skiing and gardening. I have been in the trade for 46 years and my love for the retail trade has been raised by my parents who have been running a flower shop here in Alkmaar for many years. My history with Home Society goes back quite some time, I have been working at Home Society for 17 years, formerly known as Joker Import. Because of my many years of experience on both the importer side and the retail side, I know the tricks of the trade and know all too well that the trade must always provide a win-win situation for both the retailer and the customer. The strength of our store is that we know what the consumer wants and that we are very aware of the importance of competitive purchasing and good presentations in the store. We sell affordable happiness everyday, a nice gift for yourself or a girlfriend. Naturally, customer-friendliness is central. We want our customers to feel at home here. ”

Angela: “I run the Long Island Living Store in Alkmaar together with Edwin. I am married and have 2 lovely daughters, I like to go on holiday with our caravan, back to basic but I do like a little luxury. I started working in retail 32 years ago and to this day I still like that, every day is different and you never know what the day will bring when you open the door of your store. Via Edwin, who is a good friend of mine, I ended up at Long Island Living Store. Edwin needed some sales help at the stand in Hardenberg, one thing led to another and when the store in Alkmaar was to be opened I didn’t hesitate for a moment. What started as an outlet store in the first year to sell the surplus stock quickly became a full-fledged store with a very nice diverse assortment. ”

How are things in the store?

Angela: “We are generally very satisfied, with our store we are an asset to Alkmaar.” Edwin: “We are seeing more and more customers who know how to find their way to Long Island Living Store.”

See shifts to online? How do you deal with this?

Angela: “Yes, of course we see that happening around us, many stores also have an online webshop, but we don’t, for the time being, we believe that our customers appreciate the personal contact and our advice very much. The “live” seeing and feeling of the products and a bit of atmosphere experience we should not flatten out either. ”

Is Christmas the best time of the year in the store? If so what makes this so?

Edwin: “Every season has its charm, but I have to say that Christmas is always a special feeling. It is a celebration of warmth and being together with your loved ones. At Christmas it’s all about traditions and for many people that includes the beautiful dressing of your home, yourself and giving a gift. Our customers always find something here that suits them to make their Christmas extra beautiful. ”

What do you think will be the trend for the upcoming winter period?

Angela: “Tint by tint, whatever color you choose, it will be nuances from light to dark. I also see many round shapes, round dining tables, round cushions, mirrors and carpets. And I really like the “back to then trend” soft with a touch of glamor, you see it a lot in the velvet fabrics. ”

What do you do for marketing:

Edwin: “We are active on Instagram and Facebook. But if you want to do this well, it will take a lot of time. It is nice to mention that we recently started with students from the Haagse Hogeschool to write a plan on how we can best use social media in our store. We also regularly organise a friends & family evening. Here our regular customers can get a preview of our new collections and we have great offers and we give away a goodie bag. Very nice to organize and we receive a good response. ”

What do you follow on social media?

Home Society, Vt Wonen, Bridgewater Candles, Notes Interior Perfume, Loods 5, Dille and Kamille, and many more inspiring companies

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