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We changed our company name from Joker Import to Home Society. We changed our look on the outside to reflect the progress made on the inside. But we are still your go-to partner for quality home comfort products and we love to be inspired. So why not share your success stories with us? And we’ll share our tips, lookbooks and informative articles highlighting marketing and style trends.

Let’s celebrate partnership and inspiration. Let’s move ahead together!

A new season, a new name

To be honest, we’ve known for some time that Joker Import wouldn’t win us an award in the ‘catchy company names’ category. Perhaps we should have changed it years ago. But we kind of inherited it from way back in 1993 when I acquired the company.
The market is changing, however, and consumers are becoming more brand aware. The public is looking for brands they recognise and can identify with and companies need to respond. We are all striving to acquire that much sought-after place in the hearts and minds of consumers, and those who respond best to brand trends secure a market advantage.
It was clear to us that the name Joker Import wasn’t going to cut it in the battle of the brands. We also knew that our website and visual identity could use an update. It was time for the next step in our journey. It was time to change our look on the outside to reflect the progress we’ve made on the inside. So, with a new name that you and your customers can relate to, we are now Home Society.


Why Home Society?

What’s the story behind the name?
People visit your shop and buy our products so they can adorn and celebrate their homes. Customers’ homes are after all their own personal domains, their private castles, and we needed a name that conveyed a special sense of place and belonging.

At the same time, we wanted to highlight the fact that retailers in our field are not necessarily competitors. They are ambassadors of homely comfort and thus have a common bond. They form a community. So, the name Home Society fits the bill perfectly. And it rolls off the tongue nicely, doesn’t it?

It must be stressed that Home Society isn’t just our company name. It’s also a new brand that will sit alongside Long Island Living. The Home Society brand allows us to separate our home accessories product line from home decorations, which we will continue to market under the Long Island Living brand. While the Home Society label will convey tranquillity, simplicity and homeliness, Long Island Living will focus more on the special sparkle associated with festive occasions and celebrations.


What’s in it for you?

For you, our customer, the new brand has two main advantages.
First, it will help you distinguish between home accessories and home decorations. It will make it easier for you to select and compare the types of items you wish to carry. By having two clearly delineated product categories and styles, we can better expand our home accessories and home decorations product lines, offering you and your customers a balanced selection with more options. To help with this, we’ll be creating special style rooms that will allow you to see and experience how different items combine.
Second, by actively building the Home Society brand via social media, we aim to create consumer awareness of our home accessories in a way we couldn’t do before. As consumers will come to know (and hopefully love) the Home Society brand, they will search for it both online and when out on the street. For you, as an independent business person, this will create the extra pull factor required to get consumers to visit your shop or online store.


Why we love small, independent shops

We are still the same reliable importer that you know and love. From now on, however, we will aim to do even more to help and inspire you. We’ll be creating more lookbooks, publishing informative articles that explain market and style trends and offering tips to retailers and small business owners. Part of the process will involve interviewing successful shop owners so we can benefit from each other’s knowledge.
Home Society aims to nurture the special community we all belong to. A community of independent entrepreneurs who are ambassadors of homely comfort. We too are a small business, a family business even. My wife and even my children help out whenever they can. I literally grew the company from my kitchen table. Every person who works at Home Society is passionate about what the company does. We aim to be your partner, building our businesses together. Creature comforts count. Small is beautiful. And independent shops matter.


Your trusted partner in home comfort

We will continue to be your ever-reliable partner: congenial, accessible and flexible. And we’ll still be your go-to wholesaler for the iconic Bridgewater home fragrances and our other brands and products you know and love.
We’ve worked long and hard to build our first Home Society collection and think your customers will absolutely adore the 170 products on offer. There are not only stunning chairs in charming beige or grey and mouth blown Home Society glasses, but we also offer lovely rustic tableware in black or white that we’ve had specially made as well as a variety of pillar candles and pillows. We also have original, fun gifts, including backpacks, aprons and quirky drinking cups. Why not explore and discover for yourself?




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