'Photoshopping', image library and social media

Let's Get Digital edition 2 !

Let’s start with the lookbooks and the ‘photoshopping’ feature.

Experience this new way of shopping using our lookbooks to explore our collection. You will find them on our website under ‘Lookbook’ in our menu (you can access the menu by clicking on the lines in the upper right corner of your screen). On this page you can find a preview of each lookbook and the ability to click on them to see more of that collection. You can see that in most of the images you see there are little circle’s with + signs in it. If you would like more information about the product, simply click on those + signs to check out the details in our webshop. Loving the product? Make sure you are logged in and simply add the product to your shopping cart! With our lookbooks we hope to inspire you to select the perfect items for your store.

Totally in love with some basic items and home fragrance prodcuts? We know the feeling…

Because everybody has their favorite items and fragrances, we created the ‘favorites’ feature. First, make sure you are logged in to our webshop. Then you will find heart shapes underneath every item. When you click this, the heart will light up and you have just added this item to your favorite list. If you want to undo this, just click on the heart again. Now, if you click on the heart in the upper panel of your screen, you will find your favorite list. From here on out you can order your favorite items with just one click! Is it that easy? Yes… it is…!



Now let me explain how to use our imagelibrary.

We love to share our product images with you so you can use them on your website or socials. To access our image library you have to log in on our webshop. Then click on ‘my account’
to see the word “Image Library”. If you click on this our image library will open. The images are sorted into different categories and folders. We have two types of images; product shots with a white background and lifestyle shots. If you are looking for a product shot with a white background, you can use the ‘search’ function of your desktop. Simple press ‘“ctrl + F” (‘cmd’ + ‘F’ on iMac) and enter the item number you are looking for. Offcourse you can always browse the pictures as well. Another option is to follow us on social media and repost our feed! This way you can just copy our post.
We love to see how you showcase our products in your store so please tag us in your feed and we would love to follow your socials! use @home.society or #homesociety

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