Home Society

Even though we import lots of great brands, we have created our own Home Society brand. So, that we can create the products we have in mind and we would like in our own homes.

we ❤ small independent shops
Gift Collection
Small Furniture
Home Decorations

The Gift Concept

Especially for you, we have developed a unique gift concept. A great selection of proucts, already wrapped up for you in beatutiful gift boxes. A nice present for a friend, or for yourself. It’s all up to you! All products are reasonably priced, so they should sell like hotcakes!

Small Furniture

Furniture defines your house and or room. It quickly shows who you are, what you like and what you stand for. So, it can be incredibly difficult to find the perfect piece for that One corner in your house that seems a bit empty or dull as of now. We have done our best to fill that void. 

Home Decorations



the activity of making something look more attractive by putting things on it or around it