An eye on the environment

Environmental friendliness starts with awareness. In the last few years, Home Society is trying to keep an eye on the environment in the production of our goods, product development and supply chain. We are surely no environmental pioneers, but everyone is starting somewhere and we believe in a greener future of Home Society. Small steps that we have already implemented in our day to day business

  • Choosing for DHL as a green carrier. DHL compensates their emissions with their GoGreen-Programm 
  • Development of a “0%”  body care line for Bridgewater (no microplastics, no parabens, no animal products, silicones or other harmful ingredients)

  • Development of a 0% laundry care line without harmful ingredients for the environment, skin and fabric
  • Planned: Solar energy project planned for our head quarter


Everyday we are taking steps to meet the challenges of sustainability. We might not be quite there yet, but we are on a good way and never stop innovating, optimising and discussing new ways of doing things.