We basically just finished the packing up of our Christmas 2022 ornaments at home, when the new autumn winter for 2023 collection is already hitting our showrooms again. Time flies! This new collection is even better than the year before. It’s more shiny, more glamorous, more extensive and more bold! Discover the different theme worlds of our new Home Society autumn winter collection. 

Bling, bling, glam!

A glamorous style is back! All that retro glam that’s hidden in the jewelry boxes of our grandmothers has a comeback. This Christmas season we bring back the glitter and glam into the homes. Rhinestones in various colours and shapes, pearls, glitter and shimmering surfaces, gold and silver everywhere. For luxurious and glamorous holidays.

Black meets wood

For everyone that likes a more subtle, scandi interior during fall and winter season, we have a nice collection with a lot of wood and natural materials. It’s inspired by the comfort you feel while strolling through the woods. Darker colours and black are matched with warm tones of mango wood brown. Discover new trays, new wooden Christmas trees and wooden ornaments. 

Nice & icy

You like the crisp cold in the winter when the icy crystals decorate windows and plants? Then our silver, white icy shining line is for you! Where white LED ceramic houses form a welcoming city, and frosty trees meet shining white and silver ornaments or new tealight holders remind you of the frozen landscape around you in winter. This is how Home Society is bringing winter wonderland right into our living rooms. 

Our Guardian Angels 

We know you love them! And who wouldn’t? Angels are just the cutest little messengers of joy around Christmas time. You can choose which angel you let into your stores: Sweet and girly with  little hearts and glittering dresses or simplistic and minimal? Angel- lovers? We got it all: From metal to ceramics, from fluffy feathers to shimmering pearls or soft fabric. Create a home that’s guarded by our Home Society angels.

Be bold, be gold

What would Christmas be without some classic gold Home Society goodies? The new collection contains a lot of new gold looks that match almost every interior. That’s why we love gold - whether you match it with black, white or wood - it’s always a classic! We got some nice new candles - gold shiny trees and even tree dinner candles. Golden lanterns, trays, metal houses or new hurricanes are always a customer hit, so we can promise you one thing: Gold will always be sold!

Make it warm

With temperatures dropping and energy bills doing the opposite, we decided to make it warm for your customers! With new big, warm, soft cozy plaids and even teddy warm bottles in different shapes and colors. And our biggest favorite: The poncho blanket. With this warm poncho you can cuddle in for  nights on the sofa. With an extra pocket for warm hands. Hmmmm, so cozy! You can heat up the hot chocolate already!

Candle Collection

Home Society candles have great burn times, for even better prices. This season we introduce new colours: Off-White, Greige and Purple. “Greige?” you may wonder? Yip, that’s a combination of Beige and Grey. A sophisticated colour - great for minimal, scandinavian and japandi style interiors. What’s more? There are new tree dinner candles and even an advent XL candle counting down for Christmas. Oh, and we got two new shapes of tree candles in different sizes and colours. Better get them all, because we feel a bestseller potential coming their way here…

You want to experience the new collection and shop it? make an appointment in one of our showrooms in Lisse, Zwinderen or Brussels. That’s too far? You can also make a digital appointment and we will guide you through the collection with a video call. Of course our sales agents are also happy to come by and present you a selection of samples.

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