Laundry Line is the new White Cotton

White Cotton becomes Laundry Line

Important news! Our Bridgewater bestseller “White Cotton” gets a new look and a new name! Laundry Line is the new White Cotton and with the laundry photo on the front instead of the cotton branch it looks much more fresh and immediately makes us think about that awesome scent of freshly washed linens. The transition of the new design brings a few things with it that are good for you to know: 

4 things you need to know about the change from White Cotton to Laundry Line

  1. In the transition time we sell both products, White Cotton and Laundry Line, but eventually we will only sell Laundry Line. We aren’t ordering any more White Cotton at our supplier at the moment. 
  2. White Cotton and Laundry Line are listed with different article numbers. When you want to order Laundry Line, you have to make sure to use the new article numbers.
    201402 Laundry Line Scented Sachet
    201502 Laundry Line Candle Jar Small
    201602 Laundry Line Candle Jar Large
    201702 Laundry Line Fragrance Oil
    202102 Laundry Line Reed Diffuser
    202402 Laundry Line Wax Bar
  3. Laundry Line has the same fragrance composition as White Cotton. The fragrance doesn’t change, the design does.
    Top notes: Ozone
    Middle notes: Muguet Florals
    Base notes: Must & Soft Woods
  4.   For Laundry Line there will not be votive candles anymore (we are working on new products that might replace the votive options). That’s why we have enough stock still from White Cotton votive candles.

Enjoy the new fresh look!